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Disney "Inspired" Awesomeness



I am a huge Disney nerd, but I don't usually buy Disney apparel or housewares because l find the large cartoon characters all over them a little much. What we're seeing from Disney in 2009 is really exciting -- truly beautiful things subtly "inspired" by Disney.

As a 5-year-old, I probably would have committed a felony to have this princess bed set. Instead of loud Cinderella branding all over the place, a little girl can feel like she's the princess. ( The bed set with planes is taken from the 1928 animated feature Plane Crazy (the first ever to feature Mickey Mouse), and I think it's just plane cute. It's affordable, too, with accessory prices as low as $14. (Walmart)

For these awesome BLOC 28 caps by New Era, Disney paired with well-known contemporary urban artists, so these hats are edgier than your average set of mouse ears. (New Era, available in June '09)

And this beautiful sweater -- I die! Nobody would ever guess that it's inspired by Snow White's Wicked Queen. (Charlotte Tarantola, available in Fall '09)