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Disney Princesses Are Back in Town: Welcome Princess Tiana!



I grew up obsessed with the Disney Princesses, from the one who started it all in 1937, Snow White, to more modern princesses like Ariel and Jasmine. But where have the princesses been? It has been more than ten years since Disney released a 2-D, hand-drawn animated film with one of their classic fairytale storylines. So I was pumped to get a sneak peek of Disney's newest animated star, Princess Tiana, today at the 2009 Toy Fair. Her movie, The Princess and the Frog, is set to hit theaters holiday '09. Thank goodness! I was starting to feel bad for these little girls who don't get to follow newly released princesses year after year, like I did.

The movie looks magical, fun, beautifully illustrated, and true to Disney fairytale form. I sat there wondering if I would be too embarrassed to admit that I actually had tears in my eyes as I watched a princess montage chronicling the history from Snow White to Mulan. (But there, I said it. Did I mention I'm a Disney nerd?)

I wasn't the only one who was emotional. Tony Award-winning actress and singer Anika Noni Rose, the voice of Princess Tiana, was choking on tears as Mattel revealed a Princess Tiana doll, modeled after her. "I wasn't even a doll kid," she said. "But this one is mine!"

Will someone please admit that they, too, might have had to fight back a tear or two in the excitement that The Princesses are back in town?