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Viral Video: Do You Have Daddy Skills?


When sleeping in till 7:08 is great, cutting grapes to avoid choking is “gangsta,” and you can change a diaper with two wipes, you’ve got ‘Daddy Skills.’ In a video posted last week, California dad Sam Dorman (aka Sam Deezy) spits a few endearing, if corny, rhymes about a day in his life as a proud father.

Dorman teams up with David Wittman, the LA composer behind this year’s viral satire rap It’s Gettin’ Real In The Whole Foods Parking Lot, to describe his daily adventures in daddyhood, from mastering playground small-talk to breakfast negotiations that can sometimes resemble “a dope deal.” 

Dorman’s daughter is the highlight of the clip, though, adding a crucial spark of cuteness – not to mention critical proof that Dorman does indeed walk the walk. So if you take care to attire your daughter so nobody asks if Daddy dressed her, if you’ve got a tricked out MacLaren and six copies of Goodnight Moon, then clearly you’ve got Daddy Skills.

And if you want to download the song, you can grab it from Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby.