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Does Society Hate Children?

After a toddler tantrum got a 2-year-old and his mother booted off a Southwest flight, the blogosphere rejoiced. "Bout @#$$#@ time," and "The mother is only angling for a free ticket so she can flee the little basterd," were among the comments on In response, James C. Kaufman wrote an article for Psychology Today asking, Why Does Our Society Hate Children?

"Toddlers have to have tantrums. It's how they learn boundaries," he said. "I don't like screaming in my ear, either. I also don't like people who wrestle the armrest away from me, people who lean their seat ALL the way back, and people who claim their suitcase is a purse and cram the overhead compartment with too many bags. But that's life. That's what traveling by air means. Heck, that's what it means to live in this world."

Do you think society really hates children? How do you react when if your toddler starts throwing a tantrum and you get that look from people who don't look like they're willing to offer much compassion?