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Doggy Love

Here are three reasons why I sometimes like my dog, Jake (ain’t he purty?), better than my kids. Of course, I LOVE my kids more, always. But sometimes, he’s just … more endearing.

  1. He is always glad to see me. It doesn’t matter if it’s only been 90 seconds, he still wriggles and licks and acts like I’ve been gone for years. With my kids, when I come home after a long day at work, sure, sometimes I get a hug and a kiss. Other times, a grunt and a glance. Or nothing.

  2. He never, ever asks me to buy him expensive electronic equipment, and then immediately loses / breaks it. ‘Nuff said.

  3. He only whines when Alex plays scales on the piano, never when he wants something. When he wants something, he either tries to herd me in the direction he’s hoping I’ll go (toward the back door, or the treats), or sits on my feet, or stares at me with his big brown doggy eyes. Pretty cute.

Anyone else have reasons why their pup sometimes surpasses their peeps?