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Don't You Just Love Laundry?

Yeah, me neither. I actually hate laundry a lot: It always feels like a colossal waste of time, even when it really isn't (like when I look in the underwear drawer and see only the hot-pink polka-dotted busted-elastic pair that I should have thrown out but it's a good thing I didn't because then what would I wear under my ratty jeans while doing laundry?).

So, imagine my surprise when Purex announced a new product that actually made the prospect of doing laundry slightly less annoying. Instead of a big, heavy, messy bottle of detergent, all you have to do is stick one of these little sheets into the machine. It's got soap magically encased in the thin little sheet. (Okay, it isn't magic, but it's some amazing technological breakthrough I can't even begin to explain.) And then—get this!—you just move it right along with the clothes into the dryer, and it becomes a dryer sheet. 

I will admit: I never used to use fabric softener or anti-static sheets, but it's sort of fun to be the kind of person who can get it together to do that now. My clothes definitely got clean, but my husband had to resist the temptation to add traditional liquid detergent to make sure the wash got good and sudsy. If you're not dealing with a change-o-phobe, try these out (they're greener, too: Less plastic waste in the environment!).