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Dora: My, How You've Grown

Photo courtesy of Mattel, Inc.


Mattel and Nickelodeon recently revealed the new tween Dora the Explorer, who turned in her tomboy shorts for a dress and her little bob for long, flirty locks. (Also, she seems to have gotten some lipo). When moms expressed their distaste for the makeover, Mattel and Nickelodeon were happy to address the issue:


"I think there was just a misconception in terms of where we were going with this. Pretty much the moms who are petitioning aging Dora up certainly don't understand. ... I think they're going to be pleasantly happy once this is available in October, and once they understand this certainly isn't what they are conjuring up." -- Gina Sirard, vice president of marketing at Mattel


Turns out the new Dora won't be replacing the old one on TV –- she'll just be an interactive doll geared toward 5- to 8-year-olds. When just Dora's silhouette was release a few weeks ago, moms like our Bilingual in the Boonies blogger worried Dora would get sexed up and lamented the loss of a positive Latina role model. Although we're not loving the fact that Dora's been a diet, she seems, well, kind of cute (if a little overaccessorized). But the question remains: will big kids still want to hang with Dora when she's such an icon for the preschool set? What do you think of the new Dora?