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Down and Dirty with Salma Hayek

Believe it or not, Salma Hayak changes her daughter's diapers. "Of course I change her diapers! She likes that I change her diapers." She told me herself when I sat down with her to discuss her new campaign. Salma is the voice of a new campaign from UNICEF and Pampers called the "One Pack = One Vaccine" program, which works to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus in developing nations. Through May 1, 2009, every time you buy a pack of Pampers (with the UNICEF logo), Pampers will purchase one life-saving tetanus vaccine for a mother and her newborn.

Why's Salma so passionate about vaccines? "In five years, I could be part of something that eradicated most of this disease from the face of the earth. I could see it gone in five years! They already did it in Bangladesh. This is something, maybe because I've done a lot of other stuff, I need this right now! I need this right now. I need the tangibility. This is doable. It's not "write a check." You're going to buy diapers anyway, buy these ones. This is about moms coming together to protect children."

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