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Dressing Up: It's Mommy's Turn Now!

File this under: What Took Them So Long? A new web site is renting special occasion designer dresses a la Netflix, just in time for your holiday parties!

Rent the Runway is the genius idea of two Harvard Business School grads -- women, of course! RTR loans out the high-end duds for a four-day fling for as little as $50 (or up to $200, pricey by our standards but maybe you'll feel the thrill of wearing a $1,000-plus dress is worth it). The dress is shipped directly to your doorstep with a prepaid return envelope and the price includes dry cleaning (they do it -- one less errand for you).

Not sure about the size or style? Each gown comes with a "fit kit" that includes bra strap adjusters and double-sided tape, and an on-call stylist to help you decide. An extra size of the same dress is provided at no extra charge, or an additional $25 will get you a second style as a backup.

The one beef we have is that there's a waiting list for "membership," though when you sign up RTR promises to "get you in -- and into one of our dresses -- as soon as possible."