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Easy On The Swears, Kids

My mom still tells the story of the first time I strung together a complete sentence. I was seated in my highchair while she was entertaining dinner guests. She put some food on my tray, and I looked up at her and belted out, "What the hell is this, chicken?" (It was not chicken.)

I refuse to accept blame for some horrible parenting skills (wink, wink, Mom), the same way I don't blame Sean Preston or Jayden James for dropping the "S" bomb when mom, Britney Spears, was within earshot. I got reprimanded when I swore as a child, but it doesn't sound like Britney really cared, which is troubling.

As an adult, I swear all the time. But I think it's pretty unattractive when kids swear. So does 14-year-old McKay Hatch, who started a No Cussing Challenge that now boasts "over 20,000 members worldwide." (He's even got a No Cussing Rap Video.)

Adults have earned the right to swear. It's our reward for silently putting up with a bunch of stuff that we wanted to swear about our whole lives (like indoor recess and having to eat unidentifiable food) but couldn't because we were only a kid.

Do you swear around your kids? What do you do if you hear them say something that might get them kicked out of the No Cussing Club?