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Tips for Toddlers and Christmas Trees

Decorations and toddlers rarely mix. We asked on Facebook: How do you keep your tot—and your tree—safe? We got a ho-ho-whole lotta tricks:
“Styrofoam ornaments: affordable and cute!” —K.L. 
“I got a small artificial tree and used toys to decorate it. That way, they could play with it and leave the big tree alone.” —D.D.O. 
“Soft beanies and stuffed toys down low on the tree and jingle bells so we know when one of our little ones is grabbing at the tree.” —L.W.D. 
“We gave our son his own three-foot-tall tree with kid-friendly ornaments he could decorate and redecorate as he saw fit. He became so obsessed with that and his kid-friendly nativity scene that he left all the other stuff alone.” —E.M. 
“I convinced my son the tree was hot! The lights do get a little warm, right?” —A.S.H. 
“We made our own tree out of lights, which hung on the wall. It was higher than our son could reach, and we just hung the ornaments on the light strings.” —S.P. 
“Ribbons instead of hooks to hang ornaments, baked-dough ornaments with nontoxic paints, pretty ribbons over lights.” —M.U. 
“We packed books and similar heavy items in large diaper boxes, wrapped them as gifts, and stacked them as a barricade around the tree. Everyone admired it!” —N.F.K. 
“We bought an iron garden fence that was about three feet tall and bolted the 2.5-foot sections together to make a hexagon fence around the tree.” —L.C.S. 
“I tell my son there are spiders in it, and he stays away!” —D.A. 
“I had a felt tree on the wall, with felt decorations.” —N.K.B.
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