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Eight Times the Crazy?

Did anyone else see the latest interview with the octuplets mom, Nadya Suleman, last night on Dateline? There are more disturbing revelations. Despite previous claims that she's not on welfare, she's now owned up to the fact that she receives food stamps. We already knew she's unemployed, but now we discover she's getting her degree –- and is $50K in the red for school loans. And get this: not only does she already have six kids, but one is autistic, and two others have special needs. They also showed pictures of the 3-bedroom home she shares with her parents. People do with a lot less, but the place looked chaotic and messy –- a less-than-ideal home for eight preemies who are bound to have health problems.

I hate to call another mom a nutjob, but…nutjob, right? How can she possibly hope to provide for all these kids and give them the kind of individual attention kids need? And what do you think about rumblings that she's had plastic surgery to morph herself into Angelina Jolie, herself a mama to a Brady Bunch-sized family?