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Mom Wins Lottery Jackpot with Accidental Ticket


One mother had a very good day after accidentally purchasing a lottery ticket – and winning a $14 million jackpot.

Single mom-of-four Thuan Le normally spends $4 on Powerball tickets and $1 on a SuperLotto Plus ticket. But while using a self-service machine at an Orange County CVS store, Le inadvertently fed the machine $6 instead of her usual $5. On a whim, Le decided to use her credit to purchase an extra SuperLotto Plus ticket. That was the lotto ticket that ended up scoring big.

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When a shift supervisor informed Le that she had the winning ticket, she was moved to tears. According to a news release from California Lottery, Le then proceeded to run screaming from the store.

Le’s numbers were 5, 33, 25, 46, 32, and the Mega number 26. The CVS store will receive $70,000, or one-half percent, of the jackpot for selling the winning ticket. But before you get on line to purchase your own ticket: the odds of winning a SuperLotto jackpot are about 1 in 42 million, according to the California lottery.

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