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Sandy Hook Mom Opens Up About Children's PTSD in Letter


Parents of Sandy Hook elementary school have come out in full force for gun control this week. The mother of two surviving children has written an open letter about her daughters' post-traumatic stress as parents of victims have released an ad pleading for tougher gun laws. 

The parents of Sandy Hook will not give up, writes Carrie Battaglia, in her open letter.

Battaglia's two daughters were at Sandy Hook on the day Adam Lanza fatally shot twenty children and six adults last December. Her first-grader was whisked into a bathroom inside of her classroom when the shooting started in a neighboring room.

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“She heard what was happening on the other side of the wall. She heard everything. Shooting. Screaming. Pleading,” Battaglia writes on the website for Newtown Action Alliance, a group advocating for gun control. “She was sure she was going to die that day and did not want to die for Christmas. Imagine what this must have been like. With PTSD comes fear – all kinds of fear.”

The 6-year-old struggles with nightmares and has difficulty falling asleep. She is withdrawn at school and cries daily, Battaglia says.

“It’s time to stop catering to the gun owners and lobbyists and start caring about our children, our families, our teachers, our friends and our neighbors,” she writes. “The NRA does not care about people, they care about money.”

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Battaglia urges lawmakers to take action. “There MUST NOT be another Sandy Hook. You have a responsibility and an obligation to act now and change the laws.”

Battaglia is not the only Sandy Hook parent weighing in on the gun control debate this week. A new Bloomberg ad features parents of children killed in the Newtown shooting calling for more stricter gun laws. The ad comes from the “Mayors Against Illegal Gun” campaign and will run on Connecticut stations in an effort to pressure lawmakers to act on the issue.

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