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Baby Found Alive After 10 Hours in Morgue Refrigerator


You may want to grab a few tissues for this touching story with an incredible happy ending. A newborn that was declared dead and left in a morgue refrigerator for 10 hours has been deemed Argentina’s “miracle baby” after the parents discovered her alive, according to a report from CNN.

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When Analia Boutet gave birth to the little, 1 pound 12 ounce girl three months early, the infant showed no vital signs. The gynecologist on hand passed the baby to a neonatal doctor, who also did not find any signs of life. The baby was then observed by doctors before finally being pronounced dead and placed in a small, wooden coffin.

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Boutet insisted on seeing her daughter’s body one last time; she wished to take a picture of the child with her cell phone to keep as a memory. After some convincing, hospital officials allowed the mourning parents into the morgue 12 hours after the baby had been declared dead. The father—Fabian Veron—pried open the nailed lid of the coffin with a crowbar. When the mother uncovered the baby’s face, she heard a cry. After a morgue worker confirmed the girl was alive, Boutet’s brother rushed the baby back to the neonatal intensive care unit. “It was like carrying a bottle of ice,” the mother said of the child.

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The parents have named their daughter Luz Milagros, which is Spanish for light and miracles. She is currently in stable but critical condition in intensive care. Officials say that everyone in the hospital who dealt with the baby has been suspended as an investigation gets underway.