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Grown Man Bullies Girl with Cerebral Palsy

New York Daily News

Bullying is often associated with middle school mean girls and schoolyard taunts. But one man took bullying to a new low when he was filmed taunting a disabled girl with his 9-year-old son while she was on her way home from the school bus.

43-year-old William Bailey is actually a neighbor of Hope Holcomb, a 10-year-old girl with cerebral palsy, and her family. Tricia Knight, the girl's mother, said that she was certain William was making fun of her daughter when she saw him, and then his son, walking with a pronounced limp. This incident is supposedly just one among many in what is a feud between the two families.

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William denies that he was mocking Hope. He told the Daily News that he was injured on the job and was suffering from bruised ribs and a twisted back when the footage was taken. But according to Tricia, the bullying is an on-going problem and Hope is now afraid of going outside or leaving her blinds open.

Despite the trauma, Hope still has a desire to be friends with the children next door. "All she wants is for them to stop being mean and be nice," her mom said.

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This incident along with TV anchor Jennifer Livingston's stand against an internet bully, comes right at the beginning of Bullying Prevention Awareness Month. Click here for more information on how to prevent bullying and spread awareness.

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