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The Cat that Facebook Got


We recently wrote about a clever little boy who made a deal with his dad—if he got a thousand likes on a Facebook photo pleading for a cat, the cat would be his. The photo went on to get more than 111,000 likes. 

True to their word, his mom and dad went out and adopted the newest member of the Urbano family from the Ellen Gifford Cat Shelter. In a Facebook album titled "Welcome home Hairyette Pawturr," Marisa Urbano offered a thank you to everyone who had helped raise awareness for the kids' cause:

"What a great few days! Thank you to all the kind souls out there who rooted for our kids and taught us all a few lessons about how much kindness there really is in the world and how powerful social networks are. We never intended to get this much attention, but are so happy to have put smiles on some faces and most importantly to have saved a life. Thank you to the Ellen Gifford Cat Shelter for helping us find our newest family member, they are a wonderful organization and were so kind to our family. Hooray for happy endings!"

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"Settling in nicely," she wrote on a picture of Remi lounging with Hairyette. "She definitely has a favorite."

There has been an outpouring of support for the family, with many asking whether they can send gifts to the little kitty cat. In lieu of presents, the family suggested making a donation to the Gifford shelter in Hairyette's name. Hooray, indeed, for happy endings!