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McDonald's To Replace Happy Meal Toys With Books

Veer, McDonald's

In a move that is sure to delight English teachers everywhere (not to mention quite a few parents), McDonald's is trading in toys for books in their Happy Meals—in the UK, at least.

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After a successful pilot program gave away nine million books last year, McDonald’s is expanding the promotion. The plan, called “Happy Readers,” is to distribute 15 million books in England over the next two years with the backing of Britain’s National Literacy Trust.

The books – a series of non-fiction books from DK Books’s Amazing World series, including Stars and Planets, Big Cats and Oceans – will be given out with Happy Meals and customers can also redeem books at book-retailer WH Smith, according to McDonald’s.

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 “Our research tells us that there is a very clear link between book ownership and children’s future success in life, so it is very concerning that one in three children in the UK doesn’t own a book, and half of kids don’t really enjoy reading," the director of the National Literacy Trust told the Telegraph.

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