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12-Year-Old Carries Grandmother Out of House Fire


Some children might dress up as superheroes, but we think this boy actually is one! 12-year-old Seth Cutright carried his grandmother from his burning home after a propane heater exploded. He was home alone with his grandmother, Rosa Cutright, when he smelled the leaking gas right before Rosa lit a cigarette. “It was like ‘boom.’ A flash before your eyes,” Seth said of the explosion that ignited both the Oregon residence and his grandmother.

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Instead of panicking, the boy picked his grandmother up and carried her to safety before alerting his neighbor of the blaze. “My grandma was on fire,” he said. “Not completely on fire, just a little bit. Then when I was walking, it went out. I carried her outside and set her on the ground. I went to the next-door neighbor’s and said call the ambulance.”

The house was almost entirely destroyed by the fire and Seth suffered heavy burns across his face, body and arms. Though he is expected to make a full recovery with no scarring, Seth wanted to show off his burns as a warning to the public about the dangers of gas leaks. 

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When interviewed about the incident, Seth's father told him on camera: "I love you. I’m proud of you. You’re my hero." He's our hero, too!

How do you prepare your children for emergencies? Have you ever had any close calls? Leave a comment and let us know!