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Utah Mom Gives Birth to Her Third Leap Day Baby


A woman from Utah has had three babies born on consecutive Leap Days, tying a world record set in the 1960s. The odds of such a feat are one in a billion, reports the Daily Herald

The trend started when David and Louise Estes unintentionally had their first-born on Leap Day. Another addition to their brood came exactly four years later: "When we were thinking about having our third baby I joked that if we got pregnant right now we could have another Leap Day baby," Louise said.

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This time around, the Estes family planned to have their fifth baby, Jade, as close to Leap Day as possible. Louise has mentioned that all of her pregnancies have been induced. When Jade, who was due on February 24th, was overdue, her parents chose to have her on the 29th.

"I have never gone over so I wasn't sure if she was going to wait," Louise said. "As soon as we passed midnight I knew it really, really could happen."

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The big day might look a little crowded, but David said that they give each child their own special celebration—complete with individual birthday cakes—after a larger, joint party with extended family.

The Henriksen family from Norway is the only other recorded family with three children born on Leap Day. Louise and David aren’t sure whether they want to break that record. "You never know if in four years we will be talking about it again,” David said.

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Do you have children who were born on the same day? How do you celebrate?