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Little Boy Found at Stranger’s Door after Being Left by Car Thief

Should you hear a knock on your door in the middle of the night, chances are the last thing you expect to see when you answer is a toddler. But for Traci Gilbert of Denver, that’s exactly what she found: a 3-year-old covered in snow standing in her doorway after a car thief found and evicted him from the vehicle, reports the Huffington Post.

“Help me, I’m cold,” was the first thing little Royalty Pettiford said. He was wearing his nighttime diapers and a jacket and carrying a plastic bag filled with a container of soy milk, a sippy cup, diapers, wipes, and pajama bottoms.

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In what is likely every parent’s nightmare, Royalty had been unknowingly picked up by a car thief. Father Anthony Pettiford was headed home from a family gathering when he stopped at a convenience store to buy some gum. He was talking to some friends beside the car when a thief jumped into the driver’s seat and sped away. Although Anthony tried to chase after the vehicle, he lost it. The carjacker then turned around and deposited Royalty near a house three blocks from the store in the cold, sleeting weather.

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"He didn't even wait until the child was safe inside," Gilbert said.

Royalty made it up 14 slick steps to the second floor of the duplex Gilbert lives in to ask for her help when he couldn’t find his way back to the store. And he didn’t even cry! Gilbert's son took the boy in his car to search for his father. Instead, he found a police officer looking for Royalty and the family was then reunited.

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