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Mom Abandons Baby with Craigslist Sitter


An Indianapolis mother left her 13-month-old child in the care of a babysitter she found on Craigslist—and never came back to get him, reports WISH-TV.

Hoping to make some extra money, Cecilia Long answered an advertisement made by a woman who called herself Jen. The woman, who later told Long she was a dancer at a nearby venue, was requesting an immediate, overnight sitter for her son Kameron and promised to pay $75 a day. Long cared for Kameron often, sometimes for more than one day at a time—but only ever received a mere $10 for her services, which she used to buy milk for the child, reports FOX59.

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When Long requested that Jen pick up Kameron because she had to leave for a family emergency, the mother refused and informed Long that “it wasn't her problem.” That was when Long decided to reach out to police. When an officer tried to contact Jen, she demanded that he “quit f—ing calling my phone” and hung up. Loud music was audible in the background during the call.

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Police have been searching for the mother at local nightclubs. The employees at the venue where she claimed to work said that they do not know of any dancers named Jen. The Department of Child Services has taken Kameron into protective custody. But since the involvement of DCS, the mother has been leaving Long angry, expletive-ridden voicemail messages.

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"I think she's just wanting someone to take care of her kid and she thought she found a sucker," Long said of the situation.

We’ve heard plenty of babysitting nightmares—but those usually include an irresponsible sitter, not parent. What’s your worst babysitting horror story?