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Mom Loses Legs Saving Kids from Tornado

It seems that a mother is truly capable of incredible things when the safety of her brood is on the line. One amazingly brave mom from Indiana saved her two children from a tornado while using her body as a shield against falling debris and losing parts of both legs in the process, reports the TODAY Show.

Having heard that a storm was approaching, Stephanie Decker pulled her kids—8-year-old Dominic and 5-year-old Reese—out of school early. When the 175-mph tornado was nearing their house, Decker ushered her children into the basement and in a moment of quick-thinking, wrapped them in a blanket and draped her body over them.

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The relentless tornado passed over the family not once, but twice. Decker sustained her most serious injuries in the first assault and when she sent her son to seek help, he informed her there was another one outside. And because the house did not survive, Decker had to protect her children in their now-exposed basement. "I saw a brick coming at my daughter," she said. "So I maneuvered my back left and right, almost like dodging so I would take the hit and not my daughter or my son."

Decker lost one leg below the knee and the foot of the other, along with breaking seven ribs and puncturing a lung. Fearing that she might bleed to death, Decker recorded a cell phone video message to her husband Joe. Her children, meanwhile, emerged without a scratch!

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"I honestly feel like it's just me protecting them. Once I knew they were safe, I knew I could rest. If anything were to happen to me, as long as I knew my children were safe, I was OK with that,” she said.

Have you ever been in a situation where you protected your children without even thinking?

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