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Mom Tattoos 11-Year-Old Daughter


Any parent knows that children make tons of silly requests and that their tastes often change on a whim (Jonas Brothers out, One Direction in!). So when a kid asks for a tattoo, the natural reaction of...well, anyone is: “Um, no.”

But one North Carolina mom had quite a different answer for her 11-year-old. When her daughter asked for some ink, Odessa Clay used her own tools to tattoo a small heart near the young girl’s right shoulder.

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The mom, who sports some ink herself, was charged by police for tattooing a minor—which is illegal in North Carolina. Odessa says that she did not know that tattooing anyone under the age of 18 was against the law. She believed that it was permissible with a parent’s permission, like with ear piercings. Odessa also says that she numbed her daughter's arm for the process so that the girl did not feel any pain.

Do you think a child should ever be able to get a tattoo with parental permission? Leave a comment and let us know.