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Pregnancy Tests Coming to Minnesota Bars


Bar bathrooms are not exactly known for their amenities—most of the time, we are relieved if we simply find them clean. But women’s restrooms in certain Minnesota bars and restaurants will be equipped with pregnancy tests, reports the Star Tribune

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Healthy Brains for Children, a nonprofit devoted to preventing fetal alcohol syndrome, is behind the move. They announced that the first pregnancy-test dispenser will be installed at a restaurant and bar called Pub 500 on the same day that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a study that found 1 in 13 pregnant women drink alcohol while pregnant.

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The dispensers will allow women "to take a pregnancy test in the privacy of the restroom without having to purchase a pregnancy test over the counter. In a small community, purchasing a pregnancy test can be an embarrassing event and expose the woman to the gossip of the town,” said Jody Crowe, the executive director and founder of the nonprofit.

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Healthy Brains for Children aims to have tests available in locations where women can test before drinking alcohol, worldwide. They plan to have 100 dispensers placed throughout Minnesota.

Have you ever wished you had a pregnancy test available to you while at a bar or restaurant? Would you take a test in a public restroom?