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Couple Turns to Twitter for Adoption


We’ve seen Twitter harnessed for revolutions, political fundraising, and 140-character rants by celebrities, but now it seems that there may be yet another use for the popular microblogging service: becoming a parent. One Michigan couple turned to Twitter to further their adoption case after traditional methods—like fliers, newspaper ads, business cards and Facebook—had not worked, reports Mashable.

Plus: Taking the Adoption Search to Facebook

Rick and Erica Jones have been on the waiting list of a small, local adoption agency for two years. Unfortunately, the agency doesn’t have the financial funds to market their clients in the way a larger adoption agency would. Since the couple couldn’t afford a larger agency, Rick began asking celebrities to retweet the Jones’ adoption profile. The Twitter campaign began in May and he spends three to four hours a day reaching out to users with large followings.

Plus: Birth Moms Track Down Adopted Kids on Facebook

Jane Weaver, director of the adoption agency that is handling Rick and Erica’s case, says that they are wonderful candidates. “I encourage our clients to spread word in any manner that they can,” Weaver said. “I know very little about Twitter, but when people are interested in adopting we highly support them doing whatever they can.”  

How do you feel about tweeting an adoption profile on Twitter—is it a brilliant move or not appropriate?