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U.S. Still Not the Best Country For Mothers

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The United States has moved up several slots in the ranking of the best countries in which to be a mom according to an annual report from the Save the Children foundation, reports TIME. Last year, the U.S. was in 31st place, but it has since risen to 25th due to more representation of women in the government, better care for teen mothers, and improvements in female education.

The State of the World’s Mothers Report evaluates the well-being of mothers and children in 165 countries based on factors like education, infant mortality rate, breast-feeding practices and the health and nutrition of children.

Plus: Half of Working Women Don’t Get Paid Maternity Benefits

Norway managed to stay in top place for another year, likely due to having one of the most generous maternity-leave policies among developed nations. Mothers in Norway can take up to 36 weeks off work with 100 percent of their pay after giving birth, or they may opt for 46 weeks with 80 percent pay. In comparison, women in the United States get 12 weeks of unpaid leave. The U.S.also falls behind with the highest maternal death rate of any industrialized nation, with women facing a one in 2,100 risk of dying due to childbirth or pregnancy complications.

Plus: Are the French Better Parents?

Iceland, Sweden, New Zealand, and Denmark follow Norway as the top-ranking countries for moms. Afghanistan and Niger have landed as the bottom two of the list.

How do you feel about these findings? Do you feel like you get enough support as a mother in theUnited States, or do you ever wish you lived in another country?