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Kate Middleton Accidentally Hints at Gender of Royal Baby

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Did the Duchess of Cambridge accidentally let the cat out of the bag regarding the sex of her baby? According to one spectator who was present during Kate Middleton’s visit to the Northern English town of Grimsby—she did!

As Kate received a teddy bear from a fan in the crowd, she was heard saying: "thank you, I will take that for my d-..."

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"I said to her: 'You were going to say daughter, weren't you?’” said Sandra Cook, who overheard the exchange. But Kate deferred the question, insisting that she and William do not know the sex of the baby and that they’re not telling, either way.

If the royal baby is indeed a girl, she is now destined to be queen even if she gets a little brother. Due to recent changes to a 300-year-old law that gave male heirs priority, Kate and William’s bundle of joy will remain third in line to the throne, regardless of gender.

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With a little help from our favorite old wives’ tales, we did some independent investigation on the baby’s gender. The Mayan even/odd trick confirms that the future monarch will be a girl. Kate was 30 when the baby was conceived and the year of conception was 2012, which are both even numbers. And of course, poor Kate has famously dealt with hyperemesis gravidarum, or extreme morning sickness, which also points to a girl. But our Chinese Gender Predictor tells us the baby will be a boy if Kate and Wills conceived in October or November. Only time will truly tell!

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