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Amazing Birth Story: Baby Born With Three Mothers

Mike Kemp/Getty Images

Any child is blessed to have one mom—but a lucky baby from the UK has three! When Katy Slade couldn’t have a child on her own, her loved ones selflessly stepped in: her biological sister donated eggs and her sister-in-law acted as a surrogate to make Katy’s dream of a family come true.  

It all started when Katy was only a girl; she was diagnosed with a genetic condition that means she has no reproductive organs. She came home in tears to tell her sister Lucy that she could never be a mother. Lucy promised to donate one of her own eggs when Katy was ready to be a mother.

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Years later, Katy married David Slade and they were desperate to start a family. Katy asked her little sister if she had meant what she promised as a child.

“I cried when Lucy said she would still donate her eggs for me,” Katy told the Daily Mail. “It meant that, genetically, the baby would be linked to both me and David.”

Lucy decided against carrying the baby for her sister, as she had no children of her own and thought it would be too difficult to hand over a child after her first pregnancy. When the Slades told David’s older sister Jamie Allan about the issue, she offered to help. Jamie had three children and felt her family was complete, so she was certain she would be able to give the child to her brother and sister-in-law after nine months of pregnancy.

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Jamie was implanted in December and found out she was pregnant on Christmas Eve. The baby turned out to be a girl, whom the Slades named Beatrix. Her second name—Eileen—was given in honor of her great-grandmother, whose bequest had paid for private IVF treatment.

“I held her for the first time and looked at Lucy, Jamie and David. It was incredible that every single one of us had helped bring Beatrix into the world,” the proud new mama said.

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