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Mom Body Turnaround: The First Wrench

For the last five weeks, I've been exercising five (mostly six) days a week under the guidance of Parenting's Mom Squad Trainer, Larysa DiDio. That is until last week, when I broke a sweat, like, twice....for around 20 minutes. Kind of. Now I will say, I'm pretty sure Mecury was in retrograde or something because I did feel as if the gods were in concert against me and my quest for a new body. If there wasn't some work crisis that prevented my usually easy (but quick) escape for a run on the treadmill, my son was wacking his face on the pavement making after-work plans impossible, unless I wanted to run under cover of darkness, and I'm too chicken for that. I'd need spotlights strapped to chest and butt, and even then I'd probably get hit by a car or a deer.

But that's not the only reason why. I was in a funk last week. Motivation was NOT high and mostly I was mad at the world. And even though I did have that breakthrough not too far back when I nearly cried when my gym appointment was thwarted, I had no such luck this time to propel me. And what made things all the more depressing is that when I finally DID get to see Larysa for our appointments on Friday and Saturday, I was wiped. My body was tired and I couldn't run as far as I had just the week before. And that was just after a few days of a lapse! I'm not sure why I was so taken back. After all, I've been shocked at how quickly the power of exercise can take effect -- so why shouldn't it dissolve just the same? Well, not on my watch. I've worked hard the last few days to recoup my lost ground, and lo and behold, it worked! I covered 3.5 miles on the bike path today. The catch for this week will be to see if I can keep it up on my own. I'm going on a mini vacation this weekend and plan to eat, drink, and dance my way around Austin. I promised Larysa I'd hit the hotel gym. And I'm pretty sure I can stick to it! Maybe.

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