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Mom Body Turnaround: A shocking milestone

Today was supposed to be a running day. A THREE-MILE day. But work was nuts so I figured I'd go after. I was going to be late and miss bedtime anyway, so it seemed perfect. I got to the gym, changed, and then thought, "Hmmm, I better make sure J's home." J is a friend who's been staying with me, and often relieves my son's dad when I get home late. 99% of the time she's there. Tonight, she got stuck at work, too. I was literally on the treadmill about to press "quick start" when I got the text she wasn't home and I had to leave. And you know what I happened? I welled up. Seriously. I almost started to cry BECAUSE I COULDN'T RUN.

What?! Wasn't I just talking about how I hoped that addiction thing would kick in? Well, I guess it has. Cool!