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Save Money on School Supplies


Need new school supplies – and nothing from last year seems to fit your kid anymore? You never thought pencils, markers, glue and scissors could cost so much, but it all adds up.

18 states are giving parents a break, with tax holidays on clothing, school supplies and other items. Most tax holidays will begin August 6 and provides more details on which products will be tax-free:

Alabama: Aug. 6-8
Connecticut: Aug. 15-21
Florida: Aug. 13-15
Illinois: Aug. 6-15
Iowa: Aug. 6-7
Louisiana: Aug. 6-7
Maryland: Aug. 8-14
Massachusetts: Aug. 14-15
Mississippi: already passed
Missouri: Aug. 6-8
New Mexico: Aug. 6-8
North Carolina: Aug. 6-8
Oklahoma: Aug. 6-8
South Carolina: Aug. 6-8
Tennessee: Aug. 6-8
Texas: Aug. 20-22
Virginia: Aug. 6-8
West Virginia: Sept 1-Nov 30