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Strip Club Donation Accepted—Then Rejected—by Little League Team


A California Little League has fought an uphill battle this year, facing hefty new regulations and fees imposed by the local school district. After a delayed start to the season because of those increased fees, Jet Strip, a local gentlemen’s club discreetly tried to save the day via a $1,200 donation to cover part of the Lennox Little League’s fees, reports The Daily Breeze. But after discovering just where the donation was coming from, the league rejected the money, reports KTLA.

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The league (comprised of around 40 teams, serving over 300 kids) has been struggling recently under the weight of new regulations imposed by the school district for use of its ball fields. Jet Strip’s donation would have just paid the difference in the new fees and kept the league running for the next season, despite the team’s concerns about game turnout and support. The league’s financial pressures had already required it to cut back on opening ceremonies—from live music and bounce houses to a just a few balloons on the fence—and because of public health concerns, the school district recently banned the sale of grilled hot dogs and hamburgers, further hurting the league’s fundraising efforts.

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The strip club is not new to local charity, having donated in the past to the Lennox Coordinating Council, which redistributed to the funds to a variety of causes—nor is it new to having its donations turned away, including past efforts to donate to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Special Olympics, and the American Red Cross, reports The Daily Breeze.

While some parents told KTLA they were okay with a strip club making such a donation, the league ultimately decided to return the check, despite its continued need for funds.

How do you feel about a strip club donating to a Little League team?