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Baby Boy Born at Traffic Stop


As many mamas can tell you, babies don't always choose the most convenient moment to be born. We’ve heard about babies being delivered on the subway, in taxis and in cars before, but Owen Rathjen was delivered just as his daddy, Tyler Rathjen, was pulled over for speeding with his wife, Ashley, who was already far into labor. Her water had broken a half hour earlier, and they were making their way to the hospital in Iowa City.

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“When I saw the police lights and heard the sirens, I knew I should stop, but I wasn’t gonna,” said Rathjen in a CNN interview. Officer Kevin Wolfe was the policeman who stopped the Rathjen’s car at a red light in a highly congested area. Tyler Rathjen jumped out of the car and explained to Wolfe what was going on while Ashley delivered in the passenger seat. 

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Officer Wolfe sprung into action, making sure Owen wasn’t in any danger and wrapping him up. Owen’s doing fine, and so are his mom and dad. We're pretty sure they got off with a warning on the speeding ticket.

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