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Is a Fabulous Diaper Bag a Good Reason to Have a Baby?

You know those new Volkswagen commercials where Brooke Shields acts like people are having babies just to get their hands on a minivan with German engineering? Silly, yet oddly compelling. Well, I’ve found a couple of companies that would do even better with the have-a-baby-so-you-can-buy-our-product concept. They make diaper bags.

I know there have been a lot of cute diaper bags released in recent years: No one has to walk around with quilted pastel gingham anymore. But these just go beyond:

Babymel bag

This one's from a company called Babymel, and though it won't be available in the U.S. until early 2009, it'll cost under $100. Love it! I don’t technically need the changing pad inside, but it might be awfully useful when I want to sit on a sort-of wet park bench…

The other bag I love is from Timi & Leslie, and costs $170:

Timi & Leslie bag

Come on, that’s fabulous, no?