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Family Travel Adventure Done Right

You've done Disney World a few times now. Maybe you've even taken the famous cruise, and loved that too. What's next for adventurous Disney fans? Adventures by Disney. They do family-centric tours all over the world, and across the US, like Alaska, Hollywood, Northern California, the Southwest, and Philly/DC/Williamsburg. They make seeing famous sights and experiencing exciting places easy with kids in tow.

I just came back from an Adventures by Disney trip with my family. I wondered how going on a vacation that didn't bring us anywhere near a Disney property could be Disney-like. Turns out, that Disney magic can be as much in the people as in the place. Our tour guides thought of every detail, down to packing us a to-go breakfast to take to the airport since we had to leave too early for the hotel breakfast. There was never a worry or a wait, not a single hiccup in the itinerary the whole week. They took care of everything, and I mean everything, so that we got to see a lot and relax at the same time, not an easy feat for a tour group that included as many children as adults. The best part was they took the kids for a part of each day so we could actually enjoy the museum, or the winery, or a walking tour. The kids had fun playing special games, or going on a treasure hunt, or making candy with their new friends while the parents got some peace. One of our guides actually sat at the kids' table (when they were all particularly tired, and hence, wired) for an entire dinner, going so far as to balance a spoon on her nose to entertain. Sonia, I am forever grateful to you for taking that bullet.

My daughter has food allergies, so normally I am a little nervous in restaurants. I was relaxed at every meal, because Sonia and Shantel were always reassuring me they triple checked with the kitchen, and she'd be fine. Whenever they handed out snacks, they had a piece of fruit or some other safe treat ready for her. They never forgot.

The last night of our trip, Shantel and Sonia showed us all a beautiful video they'd made with pictures they'd taken of the whole group throughout the week, set to music, and mailed it home to us. Combine that kind of effort with the fact that meals, transfers, admission fees, transportation, really nice hotels, just about every thing is included and seamlessly arranged for, and you've got a stress-free and truly memorable family vacation.

One dad I met had an interesting idea...he was there, alone, with his daughter. They both seemed to have the best time, and he said it was great to have this one-on-one experience to bond with her. His wife would be taking their daughter on a different Adventures by Disney trip next year, so she could have her time with her. Love this!

Check out if a vacation that's (really) fun for all of you sounds good right about now.