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Moving Moments from Hurricane Sandy


What’s now being billed as “Superstorm” Sandy carved a violent path through a number of east coast states earlier this week, leaving broken lives and livelihoods in its wake. The damage is estimated at $50 billion, and that’s to say nothing of the human cost -- the loss of loved ones and personal possessions that have no dollar value.

But times of great tragedy inspire the best in people. We’ve rounded up some striking, heartwarming and just plain touching moments from the storm to share.

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Several families were made during the height of the hurricane. Julia Alemany was in labor at Langone Medical Center in New York when it lost power on Monday night, and received an epidural by iPhone light. She was evacuated and endured a trip to Mount Sinai hospital -- including a tree falling on the ambulance -- as the storm raged around her. Both mother and baby are safe and healthy.

One young woman spent an hour moving a 150-pound iron grate from a storm drain, by herself, to rescue a 2-week-old kitten that had been trapped for days. She’s taken the kitty in and is nursing him back to health.

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Speaking of pets, MSN put together this gallery of animals being saved by devoted owners and rescue workers alike  Because pets are family too!

But it’s little acts of kindness by regular people that really stand out. Countless big-hearted, courageous people are stepping up to help their less-fortunate neighbors in the aftermath of the storm, donating food, sharing their electricity freely, even doing magic tricks to raise money for disaster relief.

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Every time a disaster like this rolls by, it’s inspiring to see that kindness isn’t in short supply. It’s enough to make you think that it really will be okay, in the end.

What are the stories you’ve heard? Tell us all about it in the comments.