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4 Pro Tips for Taking Better Smartphone Kid Photos


These days, more and more parents are relying on their phone to do everything--and that includes taking photos of the kids. It’s the one device you always have on you, ready to capture those hilarious, weird or special moments that rarely announce themselves in advance.

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Pics taken with a smartphone can sometimes lack the quality of images captured by a dedicated camera. Here are some useful tips for making your smartphone pictures as the real deal:

1.  Take Close-ups:  Smart phone cameras are especially good at capturing detail close-up.  Be careful to avoid digital zoom, though. It’s a dead giveaway that you used a smartphone.

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2.  Avoid filters and gimmicks: Grainy Instagram filters are cool, but everyone’s seen them by now and they’re beginning to get a little old. Also watch out for fake blur; it’s pretty easy to tell the difference between fake blur and the real blur that comes from a dedicated camera.

3.  Get a better app: Whether you use Android or iPhone, the app market is full of better camera apps than what comes standard on your phone. Give them a try!

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4.  Clean the lens: Sitting in pockets and purses, phones can get pretty dirty. Try cleaning your lens with a lens-cleaning cloth, the kind you get with a pair of glasses. The effect can be huge.

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