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Fired for Pumping at Work: an Update!

A few weeks ago, Susan Kane, Editor-in-Chief of Parenting, posted about LaNisa Allen, the woman who was fired for taking an unscheduled break at work to pump breastmilk.

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Today, we have an interesting update: the CEO of Totes / Isotoner (where LaNisa worked) reached out to Working Mother magazine (a part of the Parenting Group) to tell their side of the story.

From the article:

"We haven’t responded to a lot of the noise out there because we didn’t think it was appropriate to speak out about the case,” says Gernert. “But there’s a broader issue here.” Gernert believes his company’s family friendly culture was unfairly bashed because of one incident that didn’t represent its “strong commitment to working families.” He expressed frustration that “people took one situation and extrapolated about our company.” …

It’s almost impossible to have a “one-size fits all” approach to working mom employees when some are seasonal hourly workers while others are salaried employees, Gernert says. Totes/Isotoner employs about 800 people, with anywhere from 150 to 400 seasonal hourly employees. The benefits that the majority of employees enjoy aren’t identical to the benefits of hourly workers. LaNisa Allen, like other hourly employees, worked under the terms of a collective bargaining agreement between the union and Totes/Isotoner that determined breaks and other employment matters.

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What do you think of Gernert's defense?