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First Family Watch: The Obamas Escape the White House!

It may be a hectic time at the White House, but President Obama and the First Lady made time for the second grade students at the Capital City Public Charter School. While Michelle claimed with excitement that the trip was to get out of the White House, it was also to bring awareness to the Capital City Public Charter School, an innovative school that Obama envisions duplicating all over the country.

As the President read The Moon Over Star to the class, a book about Neil Armstrong's moon landing by Dianna Hutts Aston, the country was buzzing over the Economic Stimulus Plan and Tom Daschle, some upset at the President's story time when there was so much to do in Washington, as he read the following words:

Commander Armstrong said, "The Eagle Has Landed!" Boy did we cheer. All of the cousins and even the grownups. All except Gramps. I remembered something he once said. "Why spend all that money to go to the moon when there's so many folks in need here on earth?"

Because we can! I'd almost shouted.

Yes, we can!