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First Family Watch: Obamas Keeping It Real


Even though most of us will never have our faces in a history book or on a keychain like the Obamas, they still manage to be so relatable. We’re struck by how open this presidency is so far, as evidenced by the past week.

Did you see President Obama on 60 Minutes or The Tonight Show? We love how in between answering tough questions on the economy and Guantanamo Bay, he also managed to tell us about his daily routine, some how-did-I-get-here moments with Secret Service and his NCAA pick. He even gave us some insight into his psyche, admitting to "gallows humor" to get through the pressure. (We know all about that. Poopy diapers? Hilarious!)

In her own interview with the New York Times, Michelle also opened up about their family. She made jokes about her husband's opinion on her wardrobe and confessed that she has to exercise to keep her figure. Michelle also talked about the allure of fast food:

"Some of them I want to go to, because it’s quick and easy and you figure, 'Well, we ate fine all week, guys, let's go get this.' [Her kids] are like, 'No, Mommy, we won't be eating there.' And I feel like, 'Darn, where are we going to go?'"

Falling back on fast food? Uh, yeah, we’ve been there.

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