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First Family Watch: The Obamas' New Playground

Sometimes I wish that we had a nap room at work. I mean, President Obama just got a swingset installed outside his (oval-shaped) office. A girl can dream, right?

Okay, so the snazzy Rainbow Play Systems playground with four swings, a fort, slide, climbing wall, and a picnic table with brass plates inscribed with the names of all 44 presidents, is obviously for first kids Sasha and Malia. And they loved it. According to Mrs. Obama's spokesperson, the girls played on it for almost an hour Wednesday after school.

The swingsets by Rainbow Play Systems are way more decked-out – behold the Megasized King Kong Castle Packge V Grand Slam! -- than the creaky little swing-and-a-slide sets from when we were kids.

Yes, we can design way more awesome swingsets than ever before!