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First Family Watch: Puppy Promise

hot or not?

Photos courtesy how_long_it_takes, CC Licensed, and basyke, CC Licensed has started a list of promises that Barack Obama made during his campaign and is tracking their progress on their truth-o-meter. One of the promises rated "In the Works" is Obama's promise to Sasha and Malia that he'd get them a puppy.

Obama told George Stephanopoulos from ABC that Sasha and Malia had narrowed down their options to a Portuguese Water Hound and a Labradoodle (both hypoallergenic for Malia's sake). We think it’s sweet that they want to get their new pup from a shelter. It may mean that they’ll have a bit of wait, since when it comes to shelter dogs, you can’t just order the breed you want. (Although the rules may be different if you’re the President of the United States.)

So, care to bet? Which breed is going to be the new canine face of the White House? And do any of you own a dog of either breed? Tell us how they are as family pets!