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12-Year-Old Gets His First Kiss From Carrie Underwood

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Chase Kurnick was a boy with a mission.  With help from his dad, the pair concocted the perfect plan to get him face-to-face with his crush, Carrie Underwood.

He made a sign that read, “Carrie Be My 1st Kiss” to bring with him to his first-row seats at one of her concerts last weekend. Apparently, the sign caught the country singer’s eye from the start. “When she first came up, I thought she saw my sign and then she winked at me,” Chase told the Today Show.

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Only a few songs later, Underwood invited 12-year-old Chase onto the stage. “How are we going to do this?” Underwood asked him. “Lip to lip,” Chase responded. The singer leaned forward and gave the boy a quick smooch.  Mission Accomplished

Now Chase has found some celebrity of his own.  He was approached by nearly 100 people after the show that wanted to get their picture taken with him, and now plans on spending his birthday this week in New York City making the rounds of network morning talk shows. 

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His first kiss was one to remember, and as far as Chase is concerned, it’s one that can’t be beat, “It’s all downhill from here,” he says.

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