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Fitness Week, Day 1: Fun Moves For Your Kids

We could all use some fitness motivation, and as we've learned in our Fit Generation Revolution, our kids could, too. Trainer to the stars Tadeo Arnold has started a revolution of his own. With basic moves and a soccer ball, he's launched a program that makes staying active super fun and kid-friendly. He showed off some moves that the whole family can do together.

Today's Move: Toe Taps

Place the ball about a foot in front of your child and have him bounce from side to side toe-tapping the top of the ball, alternating as quickly as possible between the left and right feet. For an extra challenge, compete to see who can toe tap the quickest and longest.

Stay tuned for more moves from Tadeo, and if you can't get enough, check out his DVD workout, which includes a 20 minute workout just for kids (also available in Spanish.)

Add a Twist: Challenge your kid to continue in a circular motion around the ball in a 360 degree fashion, which makes for a tougher workout (and more laughs!)

Eat Healthy Trick: Offer your child a sweet and simple glass of cool water. Unlike flavored water, it's the only drink that can satiate her thirst and hydrate her body. For a flavor punch, add a slide of lemon, orange, or lime. And to make guzzling the H20 fun, serve it up in a water bottle -- it's fun to squeeze (and maybe even have a mini water fight.)