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Fitness Week, Day 2: Throw Ins

Celebrity trainer Tadeo Arnold is back for another fun fitness move for you and your family. (See yesterday's move, Toe Taps.)

Today's Move: Throw Ins

Start by bending your elbows and placing the ball behind your head. Jump forward with both feet and throw the ball to your child, then jump back, keeping your feet together. Once he catches the ball, tell them to reach back behind their head with the ball, and return it to you in the same throwing position.

Add a Twist: Allow the ball to bounce once midway through the throw, or ask your child to take a big step backwards after each catch.

Eat Healthy Trick: To get your kids to gobble their veggies, do what Tadeo does in the Dominican Republic: add a bit of minced garlic to enhance flavor and boost immunity.