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Fooled Ya: Bacon-Flavored Baby Formula

It started with a press release, dated April 1. J&D's, the company that brought you bacon flavored salt, envelopes, and lip balm, announced its newest product release: bacon flavored baby formula.
"As parents, we are always looking for a competitive edge for our children. Research about the importance of high protein/high fat diets for early stage infant brain development recently caught our attention. This got our brains spinning. What about using bacon (which is 65% fat) to deliver these proteins and fats? we thought."

The press release went on to somehow twist Dr. Sears' words into pro-bacon banter, and then reported fake statistics concerning bacon-formula-fed test subject babies. The press release then announced the Baby Bacon Contest, urging readers to e-mail the company a few paragraphs about why their babies deserved to be one of the very first recipients of Bacon Baby Infant Formula. A free lifetime supply was promised to the best 20 entries.

Hilarious, yes, but we're not sure everyone got the April Fools joke. Blogs lambasted J&D for promoting infant obesity, and the company even received several contest entries, like:

"Our baby has not yet been born (he's at 23 weeks along today), but he is clearly a bacon baby in the making. During our last ultrasound we asked Baby V whether he liked bacon... He can't wait to try your bacon baby infant formula." -Stephanie

Of course, J&D had to announce that the FDA pulled the plug on the product, leaving us to find better, less-fatty ways to make our babies smarter.

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