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Former Parenting Editor: I Love My Mom Body!

Stephanie Dolgoff, a mom and former Parenting editor, penned a funny and thoughtful piece for the London Times' Alpha Mummy blog on how she sees her beach body today, versus pre-children:

"My daughters force me to walk the I'm-comfortable-in-my-body walk and talk the All-healthy-bodies-are-beautiful talk, so they don’t wind up vain, silly young adults who don’t eat before going to the beach and hold their stomachs in until they’re ready to pass out. In the time-honoured tradition of faking it till you make it, acting as if I’m comfortable in my one-piece mom suit with the super control tummy panel has actually made it so."

Read the whole post (don't miss her description of the getting-up-off-the-beach-blanket-without-accentuating-belly-rolls-pre-kids strategy), and tell us, Moms: how has having children changed your body?

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