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Free Disney World Tickets! (‘Cause It’s Someone’s Birthday Every Day!)

Copyright The Walt Disney Company

There are ten million reasons I love Disney, but I will only get into one of them right now: Every time I visit Walt Disney World, I feel like I am part of some unbelievable magic that I can’t experience anywhere else. Imagineers (park developers) dedicate themselves to making every square inch of the park “practically perfect in every way”, as Mary Poppins would say. I feel like the mind-blowingly awesome fireworks and parades are just for me. There is music and dancing everywhere. Every time I go – and I go several times a year – I see something new.

Now Disney is going even further in making guests feel special. With "What Will You Celebrate?" in 2009, anyone who visits a Disney resort or theme park on their birthday can get in for free.

There are over 200 activities you can choose from to make your trip even more special -- like arranging your hotel room to be decorated with confetti, banners and “surprises”, or planning fireworks cruises, sunrise safaris or kids’ pirate adventures. The parks are decorated with banners and balloons and host street parties and music video dance parties, as well, so it probably feels like the entire park is celebrating your birthday. (And it actually is.)

I’d love to go for my birthday -- anyone else? Sign up now!

As for the other 9,999,999 reasons I love Disney, stay tuned!


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