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Fun Names Mean Eating More Veggies

veggies, yum yum!

Photo courtesy blmurch, CC Licensed

At my favorite Indian restaurant, there's an item on the menu called The Perfect Curry. It's actually just a pretty good curry but I always order it -- how could I not?

Turns out, research is showing that a little creative food naming works on kids too:

"In a new study, 186 4-year-olds were given regular carrots and, on other lunch days, they were given the same vegetables renamed X-ray Vision Carrots. On the latter days, they ate nearly twice as many."

So if your kid is into super-strength peepers (or other superpowers), treating dinner time like story time could be a great hack for getting him to eat his veggies.

"Could I have the Perfect Curry with a side of Super Strength Broccoli, please?"